Rodney Smith Southeastern Customs

My name is Rodney Smith, I am the owner of Southeastern Customs in Supply, NC. I was born on March, 31 1965 in Charlotte NC. I grew up around motorcycles, race cars, custom cars, and the automotive upholstery business. My Dad taught me a lot of what I know, he gave me a good foundation. I joined the USAF out of High School. I learned to repair Cryptographic Equipment and earned an Associate Degree in Electronics. So I gave Uncle Sam four years and decided to move on to greener pastures. I moved to California to live the Cali Dream and spent another four years out there. I worked for several government contractors like Hewett Packard SAIC Comm Systems and was the lead Electronic Tech for the Test and Evaluation Range at China Lake Naval Weapons. After four years in Cali I decided to move back home. Once I returned I started my career as an Industrial Electrician and I have been doing this for over twenty years.

I work full time for International Paper as a Shift Electrician. My goal is to start my own line of custom parts and continue building one-off custom bikes. I started building custom bikes in 2007, prior to that I had been building custom cars and doing restoration work. My Dad and I had been showing custom cars and vans , built out of his upholstery shop. The last show car we built, we were Southeastern Division Champs in our class at the ISCA show car circuit. Also we have a national championship under our belts for the interior work done on a 1931 Lincoln that won top honors at a national event. I like to build bikes that have things on them and done to them that you can’t open a catalog and order. Anybody can buy a whole bunch of parts and put a custom paint job on a bike, only to have someone roll up beside them with almost the exact same parts on their bike. I like to build using original concepts and ideas. That is what sets the things I am trying to do apart from others. I do all my own design, fabrication, paint, mechanical, and seat work in house. Over the last five years I have won numerous trophies for local shows, Easyriders, and Daytona. In 2010 I won best display and second place radical shovel at the Easyriders show in Greenville SC. In 2012 I won the Boardwalk show and the Orlando HD show in Radical Sportster Class. I just don’t focus on one style of bike, I like them all. So with that being said I try not to limit what I can do. I am involved in our local CBA/ABATE of North Carolina, where I am the chapter Road Captain and Event Coordinator. Also I am in the American Legion Post 503 and a Legion Rider. My mother was a rider so I started riding at a very young age. She had a Honda Dream and rode me on it with her. I started riding mini bikes at six years old and from there went onto motorcross racing.

I have been riding in one form or another most of my life. I have a wonderful wife, Tammy, who is a rider herself. She helps me in the shop where she can and enjoys the 2wheel life like I do. We Drag Raced for a couple years both in IHRA and AHDRA. In the AHDRA we raced in the ET class for three years, and then we decided to jump up to the Pro Class and entered the very expensive world of Pro Gas. I love the speed but when sponsorship promises did not pan out, we sold the bike and decided to concentrate on building and acquiring bikes. Between Tammy and me we have thirteen bikes and growing. So this either means we are crazy or love bikes!