Lucky Loosers Choppers


Lucky Loser Choppers is a motorcycle and clothing company located in Meridian, Ms.
We have over 37 different products, instock available online. Hats, shirts, patches, stickers, and more in the works! We build custom motorcycles meshing old parts with new materials in the Chopper Tradition!
Frame alterations as well as sheetmetal fabrication that is priced in your reach.

Call Billy spACEy Lyons and see if he can help you get your TWO wheeled FireBreathing MOTO CYCLE on the Road!

Billy SpACEy Lyons, a Master Tattoo Artist of 24 years, has been wrenching and building motorcycles since 2002. SpACEy also is a Staff Writer for The Horse Backstreet Choppers Magazine.

Kristal Blue Cabello is a widely Known Motorcycle Photographer, and A Staff Photographer for The Horse Magizine, Kristal Blue has been in demand in The Wedding industry as well as Pro Sports Teams like, The Detroit Tigers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Kristal Blue is a Third Generation Motorcycle Enthusiast and has prefered to spend her time on the backseat, documenting our Generation of Motorcycles.

Kristal Blue is Available to do Priviate shoots of you and YOUR bike. Call today to discuss rates.

We believe in the Grassroots idea of bike building... we are excited to join The Choppin' Block who shares our same Ideas and love of building Kustom, Chopped, Motorcycles.
We look forward to seeing ALL of you out on the road and want to see what you all are building! All our fans are important to us and are an extention to our family!

The Lucky Losers are a growing brotherhood of Bike Builders across The south and a few abroad.
We have brothers in Mississippi, Alabama, Michigan, Florida, Spain, Texas and California. You can see our members builds on our website

Contact spACEy or Kristal Blue at 601-462-4199 or email